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Buffer is the best social media tool out there.

What is Buffer?

If you are new to Buffer, it is a tool you can use to schedule your posts on various social media accounts with the click of a button.

Buffer state themselves:

Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading

Benefits of using Buffer


Scheduling posts can be a massive time-saver. Using Buffer, you can post to all of your social media accounts at once. This means you don’t have log into all your social media accounts individually to post something.

Buffer have made it even easier to share content now by creating a web extension. You are now able to right click on an image, quote or website and share it directly to your social accounts.

Adworthy Buffer

How much time would this save you?

Optimal scheduling

Not sure when to post on social media?

Buffer has an awesome optimal scheduling tool that find the best times to post for you. It then sets your account up according to those time for you. Below you can see me testing it for the Adworthy Facebook page (Now Blue Cliff Media).

Buffer Awesome Plan

As you can see, the optimal time for us to post is 8:25am.

Buffer Awesome Plan

Every bit of data helps. Which leads us on nicely to…


Buffer has it’s own analytics dashboard so you can monitor how well your social media posts have performed. By looking at your best performing posts, you can start to build an image of what your audience likes to read.

Below is just an example of a tweet we sent out.

Adworthy Buffer Giveaway


Those are just a few features on how Buffer rocks!

Do you use Buffer?

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