Are you looking to get more people on your email list?

More sales?

In this article, I’ll share with you the top methods on getting people off social media and onto your email list.

But first, why email?

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to market your business. Many people like to claim that it’s dead, but it’s not. It’s here to stay.

Social media is one of the best ways to grow your mailing list, if you know how to do it properly.  Here are my top tips on how to do that:


Giveaways are an amazing way to build your email list.

Simply, you give something away for free (or the chance to win something free) in return for an email address. We’re currently running a giveaway for Adworthy.

We’re giving away a one-year subscription to The Buffer Awesome Plan. It’s the best social media scheduling tool available in my opinion and the uptake has been great. If you want to enter for your chance to win, enter your email below:

If you want to run a giveaway, make sure you’re giving away something that’s relevant to your audience. We’re giving away Buffer because we know anyone that wants this is going to have an interest in social media.

You also need to make it a good enough deal for someone to give away their email for. A one-year subscription to Buffer is $102 so whoever wins will be getting a good deal.

Lastly, have a plan to promote it. As much as you might hope, it won’t spread itself. This means you’re going to have to put in some graft. We’re using social advertising to spread our giveaway, as well as sharing it with the communities I’m part of.

To summarise:

  • Make sure what you’re giving away is relevant to you AND your ideal customer
  • Don’t be stingey – make sure the people signing up are getting some awesome
  • Have a plan to promote it

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is basically a way for you to amplify anything you do on social media.

In terms of building email list, it can be used in a huge variety of ways.

The most popular method is to promote ‘premium’ content like an e-book. You then offer the e-book, but only in return for their email address. The generic funnel is:

Create e-book > Use Facebook ads to promote this and push people to a landing page > people visit the landing page and sign up to a mailing list (and download the book)

This is a great example from Adspresso.

Adspresso ebook

If you were to click on that ad, you’d be taken to a landing page where you can download the book in return for your email address. How could you implement Facebook ads into your business?

Facebook ads can be quite tricky to set-up, mostly because there are so many variables. You have to design an image, write compelling text and get your audience right, otherwise can drain your money. If you’re not sure what you’re doing with Facebook ads, I do recommend seeking advice from an expert.

Facebook ads aren’t the only type of advertising on social media. Twitter and Linkedin also have their own platforms. I’ve just focused on Facebook here as they’re the most popular.

Create a simple sign up form

This is one of the simplest things you can do, but it’s often over-looked. Every business should set-up a simple sign up form using Facebook apps. You need to make it as easy as possible for your fans to sign up to your mailing list.

You can easily set up the app with your email client. We use MailChimp and you can see how ours looks below.

Facebook Apps

Your email client will provide instruction on how to set this up, but it takes a matter of minutes. When you’ve set it up, you can even add a landing page inside of your Facebook page. You can see how we’ve done this for our giveaway:

Facebook Page Landing

Consistent content

Lastly, it’s just a case of being consistent in your content creation. Chances are, someone isn’t going to sign up to your mailing list the first time they read one of your articles. This means you need to be consistent.

If you continuously put out great content people will start to see you as a leader in your field. They’ll start to trust you and will eventually sign up. You still need to make it easy for them to sign up. Ensure that on your website you have specific call to actions for people reading your content.

Great content + Call to action = email sign-ups

We need to remember: marketing is all about building relationships and trust with people. It takes time. Don’t expect someone to see your article, or read your message once and sign-up. It doesn’t work like that.

Keep going. You might feel like you’re dragging your feet, but it will pay off.


I hope this has given you a better idea of how you can start building your email list from social media. These tactics have helped us build our email list. The great thing about them is they don’t cost much money. Social media advertising is the only tip here that costs money. However, you can start advertising from as little as £1 per day!

Give all these methods a try and watch your email list grow.

Let me know what your favourite methods are in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


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