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We are laser focused on getting results and ROI for our clients. We do this primarily through Facebook advertising. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across the globe.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is by far the largest social media network in the world. Almost 1 billion people use Facebook every day.

Because of the sheer number of people using the platform, you can be sure your target audience are there. We offer several Facebook Advertising solutions to suit your requirements ad budget.

With Facebook Advertising, you’re able to get your message, to your exact audience. You can do this based on specific demographics, geographical information, age, gender, interests, behaviours and much more. All this can be terribly confusing and that’s why we do it for you.

We’re only focussed on one thing: getting you results. Before any campaign, we’ll talk about the KPI’s and we’ll make sure we hit them for you.

Likes, shares and reach are all nice to have, but we’re focussed on ROI. That’s what makes us different.

Facebook ads & other services

Facebook Advertising is the main service we provide. However, we also specialise in Google Adwords and SEO.

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Here are some examples of our work…

Gillies & Mackay

We’ve run a couple of Facebook advertising campaigns for Gillies & Mackay now, both being resounding successes. The latest campaign was a shed giveaway, where they were giving away a shed, in return for an email address. We signed up over 850 new people to the mailing list in the space of 2 weeks with average spend of £10 per day.

Reach: 41,289

Website Clicks: 1,457

Cost: 10p per click

Total Spend: £151.22


Gillies & Mackay Facebook Ads
The Gauntlet Games Facebook Advert

The Gauntlet Games

We first started helping The Gauntlet Games back in 2015. Since then we’ve helped them with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram strategy. We used Facebook advertising to sell tickets to the events, whilst engaging with the audience organically. Page likes are now over 5,000 and the Freebie Friday posts are always a huge success, reaching thousands of new potential customers every week.

One single Freebie Friday tweet was seen by over 301,000 people!

Increase website traffic

Using techniques such as influencer marketing, we’re able to see massive increases in website traffic. This one example is from the day Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) tweeted one of our articles.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media competitions

With Maxwell Bruce, we wanted to boost their number of followers on LinkedIn and so we did a giveaway. In just 1 month, we had reached over 100,000 people, resulting in 1000’s of new followers.

Maxwell Bruce LinkedIn results


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