A Message From Our Founder

Gavin Bell

Gavin Bell, founder

I was described as a digital native recently. I smiled, and then I nodded. It’s not a phrase I like particularly, but it’s accurate. I’m 21 years of age, and the Digital World is all I’ve ever known. I was born in 1994, just a year before Amazon and eBay made their online debuts. I was 10 when Facebook launched and just 11 when YouTube made its bow.

It’s little wonder then that the social media landscape feels like ‘home soil’. It’s what I’ve always known. I’ve watched as relative unknowns have created incredible businesses off the back of an effective social media strategy. And that’s what Blue Cliff Media is all about. I set up the business to offer results-focused social media services.

It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of meaningless metrics. Getting more Likes or more Followers should never be the goal. It’s got to be about the bottom line. Like any form of marketing, social media needs to have a clear return on investment. If you want to harness social media to impact your bottom line positively – we can help.

Why Blue Cliff Media?

The name Blue Cliff Media comes from my childhood. I grew up in the Shetland Islands and spent a lot of my time sitting at the top of enormous cliffs, looking out at the icy blue North Sea. It sounds like something you might hear in a film, but it’s true and I wanted to incorporate that into my business.

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